An Analysis of the Film Bee Movie and Multispecies Theory

Exploring Multispecies Interactions of the Honeybee and Its Anthropomorphic Film Representation


  • Lilly Elrod Editorial



Multispecies theory is applicable to a multitude of formats for analysis. In this essay, the film Bee Movie is analyzed for its purpose in multispecies studies and how it can be used to understand the function of the bee outside of the film. Multispecies theory suggests a new form of viewing the world, of being attentive to those around you that might not warrant a second thought, like an annoying bee buzzing around your head. It asks us to analyze the interactions we see around us on a day-to-day basis and how the world functions around these interactions. This essay analyzes the interactions in Bee Movie and how they might translate to real-life interactions made by bees. This essay analyzes how bees interact with the hive, flowers, and various other parts of the world around them in their daily lives and how these interactions shape not only the lives of humans, but other species as well.


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