• Brave New Worlds
    Vol. 6 (2019)

    Volume 6 of the Digital Literature Review, exploring topics of utopias and dystopias in literature and film.

  • Imagining the Post-Apocalypse
    Vol. 5 (2018)

    In the fifth issue of the Digital Literature Review, we engage with texts with post-apocalyptical themes. The essays within this edition explore the possibilities of life after the apocalypse and the implications this idea can have for society.

  • Monsters
    Vol. 4 (2017)

    Within our fourth issue of the Digital Literature Review, we engage with monster texts and examine the cultures that brought these beings to life. From ancient myths to contemporary texts, monsters find their way into human spaces and force us to question why we project our fears onto physical beings of our own creation.

  • Freak Shows & Human Zoos
    Vol. 3 (2016)

    The third Digital Literature Review publication features the theme of “Freak Shows and Human Zoos.” The critical essays within the journal examine scholarly issues pertaining to Freak Theory, Disability Studies, and the exhibition of the human body from a wide variety of perspectives.

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