Family-Based Optimization Intervention Implemented through Video-Conferencing to Address Major Depressive Disorder in a Latina Adolescent Athlete During COVID-19


  • Davy Phrathep University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Brad Donohue University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Daniel Allen University of Nevada, Las Vegas



covid-19, athlete, mdd, treatment, clinical trial


Major Depressive Disorder is a highly prevalent mental health concern impacting adolescent athletes in unique ways (McGuine et al., 2021), yet sport-specific interventions for adolescent athletes with this disorder have yet to be formally developed. The Optimum Performance Program in Sports (TOPPS) is a sport-specific evidence-supported intervention that has successfully treated depression in collegiate athletes (Donohue et al., 2018). However, evidence for this approach in youth athletes has yet to be established. Further, COVID-19 has shifted the delivery of traditional mental health services to video conferencing (Boelen, 2020), yet very few clinical trials have examined evidence-based intervention implementation in this format. This study reports the results of a case involving an adolescent girl who was formally assessed with Major Depressive Disorder. Study results indicated significant improvements from baseline to post-treatment in the severity of general mental health symptoms, depression, factors interfering with sport performance, and relationships with family, coaches, and teammates. Treatment protocol adherence was excellent, and she was highly satisfied with treatment implementation.


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