Practice Notes For Clinical Sports Social Worker


  • Cynthia Miller Aron Cindy Miller Aron, LCSW, CGP, FAGPA 541-760-2804 Athletic Clinical Consultant and Mental Health Provider Portland State Sports Medicine Team Portland, OR United States Olympic/Paralympic Committee Sports Psychology Mental Health Registry Adjunct Assistant Professor of Population Health. College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific & COMP-Northwest.



Athlete, mental health, clinical practice


Clinical social work in sport involves a coupling of the heart and mind. An unrelenting passion for helping people/systems, combined with an unquenchable desire to learn and ‘get better’. This is essential to truly becoming successful.  As a long time mental health provider and advocate in the field of mental health and athletics, the strength in my utility is established upon a solid foundation of theory and practice. Conceptualizing  the role of the clinical social worker is outlined in this paper, along with key considerations relative to practice and collaboration. Appreciating the complexity of the athletic system, the diverse backgrounds of the athletes/staff, power differentials, personal biases, ethical issues and an abiding awareness of the scope of ones clinical competence, are crucial to expert practice.


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