Post-Sport Male Athlete Nutrition and Mental Health




nutrition, sports, male athletes


This publication aims to bring to light the experiences of current and former adult male athletes and their eating habits. Although there is literature on female athlete eating habits, there is a general gap in literature on male athlete eating habits. Thus, we've decided to conduct a qualitative case study research design to begin studying this topic. The goal of this study was to collect, analyze, and disseminate data related to this topic in order to further research and hopefully set the table for quantitative studies on this topic in the future. We’ve collected detailed accounts from 5 current and former adult male athletes about their a) nutrition in relation to health, b) nutrition in relation to sport performance, c) access to information and advisement related to nutrition, d) changes in nutrition through the course of sport and life, e) post-sport nutrition, and f) post-sport health.


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