Looking Back to Move Forward

A Book Review of Roll Red Roll to Inform Sport Social Work





book review, sexual assault, adolescent, sport, athlete


This book review provides an overview of Roll Red Roll: Rape, Power, and Football in the American Heartland by Nancy Schwartzman and Nora Zelevansky (2022) and describes how this book can inform sport social work practice, education, research, and policy. Roll Red Roll describes the rape culture that existed in Steubenville, Ohio, and on the Steubenville High School football team that contributed to the assault of Jane Doe in 2012 by high school football players. Through power theory and feminist perspectives, sport social workers can examine the mechanisms that contribute to rape culture in sport contexts. With a greater understanding of the construction of rape culture, sport social work practice and interventions can aim to dismantle toxic masculinity and support victims of sexual violence.


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