The House Has Eyes

Or How Objects Haunt our Present

  • Benjamin M. Slightom
Keywords: philosophy, objects


Human beings cannot bear the thought of no longer being the center of the universe; Martin Heidegger’s ontology validates the construction of a world that subjugates non-human objects to a role which
reinforces our own position. In this paper, two personal experiences of objects which contradict traditional construals of “subjectivity” will be explored and analyzed in light of contemporary uncertainty around Heidegger’s ontology. Ultimately, I seek to complicate and show the radical dependence humans have on the constructed— or, “second”—subjectivity of objects and how we use them to validate the world as we wish it to be seen.

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Slightom, B. M. (2018). The House Has Eyes: Or How Objects Haunt our Present. Stance: An International Undergraduate Philosophy Journal, 11(1), 68-79.