Escaping Self-Sacrifice

Changing Black Women's Relationship with Servility


  • Aniyah Marie Daley



This work “Escaping Self-Sacrifice: Changing Black Women’s Relationship with Servility” is a deep dive into Lisa Tessman’s Burdened Virtues. Addressing the idea of servility as a burdened virtue that requires self-sacrifice, I strive to reevaluate the traditional role Black women have in their families and within their communities. I argue that the demands of Black women are so excessive that they have lost touch with their self-regarding virtues, causing them to have ethical imbalances within themselves. This work is a part of an ongoing attempt to counter oppressive practices with joy as a form of resistance. I use the idea that simply existing is enough for Black women without the added burden of taking care of everyone else.


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Daley, A. M. (2023). Escaping Self-Sacrifice: Changing Black Women’s Relationship with Servility. Stance: An International Undergraduate Philosophy Journal, 16(1), 62–71.