Avoiding the Swine

A Hedonist's Dilemma

  • Jee Won Choi


What constitutes a good life? A hedonist’s answer to this question is rather simple— more pleasure, less pain. While hedonism was previously a widely accepted belief, it now suffers from several crucial objections. A challenge particularly vexing to hedonists is the Philosophy of Swine: could it be possible that our lives may be less than that of a theoretical swine? In this essay, I argue that lifetime hedonism, the view of hedonism concerned with one’s total lifelong well-being, does not survive this objection. In particular, I will refute the counterarguments that modern-day hedonist, Ben Bramble, presents against the Philosophy of Swine objection.

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Won Choi, J. (2021). Avoiding the Swine: A Hedonist’s Dilemma. Stance: An International Undergraduate Philosophy Journal, 14(1), 115-123. https://doi.org/10.33043/S.14.1.115-123