Post-Hierarchical Race

Reconsidering the Nature of Hierarchy within Haslanger's Account of Race

  • Max Davidson-Smith


In this essay, I consider Sally Haslanger’s social constructivist account of race and propose a modification to the nature of hierarchy specified. According to Haslanger, race will cease to exist post-hierarchy, given that she builds in a requirement of synchronic hierarchy for the existence of race. While Haslanger maintains that racial identity would linger beyond hierarchical treatment in the form of ethnicity, I will suggest this fails to provide adequate conceptual justice for the cultures and aesthetics which emerged out of past oppression. In response, I propose a modification which would allow us to recognize the possibility of post-hierarchical races.

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Davidson-Smith, M. (2021). Post-Hierarchical Race: Reconsidering the Nature of Hierarchy within Haslanger’s Account of Race. Stance: An International Undergraduate Philosophy Journal, 14(1), 135-145.