A Moment to Come Together: Personal Reflections on Trayvon Martin


  • Roxanne Christensen Michigan School of Professional Psychology
  • LaSonia Barlow Michigan School of Professional Psychology
  • Demetrius E. Ford Michigan School of Professional Psychology




Social justice, History, Social constuction of criminals, Culture, Parents, Practitioners, Community


Three personal reflections provided by doctoral students of the Michigan School of Professional Psychology (Farmington Hills, Michigan) address identification of individual perspectives on the tragic events surrounding Trayvon Martin’s death. The historical ramifications of a culture-in-context and the way civil rights, racism, and community traumatization play a role in the social construction of criminals are explored. A justice orientation is applied to both the community and the individual via internal reflection about the unique individual and collective roles social justice plays in the outcome of these events. Finally, the personal and professional responses of a practitioner who is also a mother of minority young men brings to light the need to educate against stereotypes, assist a community to heal, and simultaneously manage the direct effects of such events on youth in society. In all three essays, common themes of community and growth are addressed from varying viewpoints. As worlds collided, a historical division has given rise to a present unity geared toward breaking the cycle of violence and trauma. The authors plead that if there is no other service in the name of this tragedy, let it at least contribute to the actualization of a society toward growth and healing.




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Christensen, R., Barlow, L., & Ford, D. E. (2013). A Moment to Come Together: Personal Reflections on Trayvon Martin. Journal for Social Action in Counseling & Psychology, 5(1), 131–137. https://doi.org/10.33043/JSACP.5.1.131-137