Social Justice: Pushing Past Boundaries in Graduate Training

  • Peggy Brady-Amoon Seton Hall University
  • Nita Makhija Seton Hall University
  • Vasudev Dixit Seton Hall University
  • Jonathan Dator Seton Hall University
Keywords: Social justice, Counseling, Psychology, Graduate training, Extracurricular


This article explores definitions and integration of social justice in graduate training in counseling and psychology. We examine both the professional literature and our own process in pushing past curricular and administrative boundaries by establishing an extra- or co-curricular component to graduate training that supports the further infusion of social justice principles in graduate training. We conclude with a call for further dialogue and action.
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Brady-Amoon, P., Makhija, N., Dixit, V., & Dator, J. (2018). Social Justice: Pushing Past Boundaries in Graduate Training. Journal for Social Action in Counseling & Psychology, 4(2), 85-98.