Supporting Crossover Students in an Urban School District: A Participatory Project


  • Robert Martinez University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Mark Scholl
  • Erika Torres
  • Jesus Corral
  • Sandra Naranjo
  • Denise Miranda
  • Mary Dooley



crossover students, school-community partnership, urban schools, college and career readiness


This participatory action research (PAR) project describes crossover students’ college and career readiness needs in a major west coast urban school district. The paper provided insights from administrator researchers, participants, facilitator, and recommendations for school counselors, educators, and organizations who are thinking of creating more counseling support and educational opportunities for crossover students. The results include the reflections and recommendations of crossover youths (e.g., encourage us, we are worth the rigor). The discussion includes strategies for supporting the academic, career, emotional, and social needs of crossover students.

Author Biographies

Mark Scholl

Associate Professor, Wake Forest University, Department of Counseling, Box 7406, WFU, Winston-Salem, NC. 27109.

Erika Torres

Deputy Superintendent, Los Angeles County Office of Education

Jesus Corral

Senior Director of Education Services, Los Angeles Department of Probation

Sandra Naranjo

Attendance and Improvement Program, Los Angeles Unified School District

Denise Miranda

Coordinator, Academic Support and Achievement Program, Los Angeles Unified School District

Mary Dooley

Research Assistant, UNC-Chapel Hill




How to Cite

Martinez, R., Scholl, M., Torres, E., Corral, J. ., Naranjo, S. ., Miranda , D. ., & Dooley, M. (2021). Supporting Crossover Students in an Urban School District: A Participatory Project. Journal for Social Action in Counseling & Psychology, 13(1), 23–42.