Reflections on Occupying


  • Dennis Fox



Occupy, Activism, Anarchism, Organizing


The Occupy Wall Street movement's emphasis on egalitarian decision making, mutual aid, and direct action originates in anarchist political practice even though most Occupiers are not anarchists and many hope to achieve a variety of liberal political reforms. Although the most immediate threats to Occupy are police repression and the stresses of winter, a more substantive threat is internal divisiveness over goals, tactics, and process as the movement responds inconsistently to external pressure and internal strain. A critical psychologist reflects on his experiences in the early stages of the movement in Boston and Florida, where he taught on-site classes designed to encourage appreciation of, and support for, radical rather than reformist goals.


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Fox, D. (2011). Reflections on Occupying. Journal for Social Action in Counseling & Psychology, 3(2), 129–137.

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