Criminal Justice Without Moral Responsibility

Addressing Problems with Consequentialism

  • Dane Shade Hannum
Keywords: criminal justice, morality, consequentialism


This paper grants the hard determinist position that
moral responsibility is not coherent with a deterministic world
view and examines hard determinist alternatives to traditional
punishment. I claim that hard determinist accounts necessarily
involve consequentialist reasoning and discuss problems stemming
from them. I also argue that a revised model of traditional
consequentialism called complex consequentialism, a view in which
multiple values may be considered as ends, provides the best moral
framework for a hard determinist account. Ultimately, I examine a
criminal justice model that draws heavily on public health ideals and
argue that it should considered a complex consequentialist account.

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Hannum, D. S. (2019). Criminal Justice Without Moral Responsibility: Addressing Problems with Consequentialism. Stance: An International Undergraduate Philosophy Journal, 9(1), 51-58.