Book Reviews


  • Donald W. Whisenhunt Texas Eastern University
  • Michael Vaughan Woodward University of Georgia
  • David E. Kyvig University of Akron
  • Robert W. Sellen Georgia State University
  • Stephen John Kneeshaw The School of the Ozarks
  • John T. Reilly Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh
  • Leslie Clement Duly University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Clarence B. Davis The College of Charleston
  • Benjamin F. Taggie Central Michigan University
  • W. Benjamin Kennedy West Georgia College
  • Lee Feigon Colby College
  • Philip R. Rulon Northern Arizona University
  • Robert N. Seidel Empire State College, Rochester Center



Charles F. Delzell, ed. The Future of History. Nashville, Tennessee: Vanderbilt University Press, 1977~ Pp. xi, 263. Cloth, $13.95. Review by Robert N. Seidel of Empire State College, Rochester Center.

David E. Kyvig and Myron Marty. Your Family History: A Handbook for Research and Writing. Arlington Heights, Illinois: AHM, 1978. Pp . 71, plus Summary Data Sheets and a Generations Chart. Paper, $2.95. Review by Philip R. Rulon of Northern Arizona University.

Maurice Meisner, Mao's China: A History of the People's Republic. New York: The Free Press, 1977. xiv, 416. Cloth, $17.95; Wang Gungwu. China and the World since 1949: The Impact of Independence, Modernity and Revolution. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1977. Pp. vii, 190. Cloth, $16.95; Paper, $4.95. Review by Lee Feigon of Colby College.

Peter N. Stearns. The Face of Europe. St. Louis: Forum Press, 1977. Pp. 305. Paper, $6.95. Review by W. Benjamin Kennedy of West Georgia College.

Nicholas H. Steneck, Science and Creation in the Middle Ages. Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 1977. Pp. 381. Paper, $4.95. Review by Benjamin F. Taggie of Central Michigan University.

Denis Mack Smith. Mussolini's Roman Empire. New York: Penguin, 1976. Pp. xi, 322. Paper, $3.95; George L. Mosse. The Nationalization of the Masses: Political Symbolism and Mass Movements in Germany from the Napoleonic Wars through the Third Reich. New York: Meridian, 1975. Pp. xiv, 252. Paper, $4 . 95. Review by Clarence B. Davis of The College of Charleston.

Walter Laqueur, ed. The Guerrilla Reader: A Historical Anthology. New York: Meridian, 1977. Pp. 246. Paper, $5.95; Anthony D. Smith, ed., Nationalist Movements. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1976. Pp. vi, 185. Cloth, $15.95. Review by Leslie Clement Duly of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Harold Eugene David, John J. Finan, and F. Taylor Peck. Latin American Diplomatic History: An Introduction. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1977. Pp. viii, 301. Cloth, $15.00; paper $5.95. Review by John T. Reilly of Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh.

Morton Borden and Otis L. Graham, Jr. Speculations on American History. Lexington, Massachusetts: D. C. Heath and Company, 1977. Pp. v, 200. Paper, $3.95. Review by Stephen John Kneeshaw of The School of the Ozarks.

Thomas G. Paterson, J. Garry Clifford, and Kenneth J. Hagan. American Foreign Policy: A History. Lexington, Massachusetts: D. C. Heath and Company, 1977. Pp. xviii, 607. Cloth, $10.95. Review by Robert W. Sellen of Georgia State University.

Vincent P. DeSantis. The Shaping of Modern America: 1877-1916. St. Louis: Forum Press, 1973. Pp. 259. Paper, $4.95; Michael H. Ebner and Eugene M. Tobin, eds. The Age of Urban Reform: New Perspectives on the Progressive Era. Port Washington, New York: Kennikat Press, 1977. Pp. viii, 211. Cloth $12.95; paper, $7.95; Richard M. Abrams. The Burdens of Progress: 1900-1929. Glenview, Illinois: Scott, Foresman, and Company, 1977. Pp. 199. Paper, $4.95. Review by David E. Kyvig of the University of Akron.

Howard Roffman. Understanding the Cold War: A Study of the Cold War in the Interwar Period. Cranbury, New Jersey: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1977. Pp. 198. Cloth, $9.50; William Appleman Williams. American Confronts a Revolutionary World: 1776-1976. New York: William Morrow, 1976. Pp. 224. Cloth, $9.95. Review by Michael Vaughan Woodward of the University of Georgia.

Laurence Ivan Seidman. Once in the Saddle: The Cowboy's Frontier, 1866-1896. New York: Mentor, 1977. Pp. 237. Paper, $1.75. Review by Donald W. Whisenhunt of Texas Eastern University.




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