So We Have The Courage To Stand Up To This Revisionist Hogwash?


  • James Adomanis Anne Arundel County Public Schools



The words on the yellow post-it tab read, "Do we have the intellectual courage to stand up to this revisionist hogwash? The people in the trenches do, but do their so-called leaders?" The note, which was attached to a Washington Times article written by Carol Innerst entitled "Some historians see new standards as revisionist coup. Project cost National Council for the Social Studies, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the Bradley Commission, the National Governors Association, and others involved in the ongoing task of designing social studies curriculum and instructional practices. This work in Maryland predated the Standards movement The outcomes focus on the knowledge base required for understanding history and the social sciences, the process skills needed to ana1yz.e and apply that knowledge base, and the attitudes needed to use the knowledge and skills within a context of justice and democratic decision-making. The difference in grade level assessment would be in the context and complexity of the tasks and questions. 


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