Dosal, Cuba Libra - A Brief History Of Cuba


  • Julia Sloan Cazenovia College



At a time when many scholars are producing works of big history, Paul J. Dosal and the editors of the Global History series at Harlan Davidson have chosen to produce a work of very small history and have done so with great success. With much recent historiography, particularly in world history, focusing on international developments, multinational occurrences, and issues of global consequence, Professor Dosal 's 152 pages of text serve as a reminder of the utility of national histories in undergraduate courses. This book's usefulness is due in large measure to Dosal's skillful integration of the local and the global. Despite its brevity and focused content, Cuba Libre: A Brief History of Cuba addresses issues of global significance in microcosm. Primary among such issues are the nature and impact of relationships between the big (meaning stronger) and the small (meaning weaker) nations of the world and the evolution of cultures and national identity, in this case Cubanidad, in that context.


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