Revolutionary Leadership: From Paulo Freire to the Occupy Movement


  • Mary Watkins Pacifica Graduate Institute



Reclaiming the commons, Consensus, Revoluntionary leadership, Horizontalism (horizontalidad), Revolution, Dialogue, Communities of resistance, Cultural worker, Limit act, OCCUPY movement


All over the world, individuals in groups are attempting to occupy their “Commons.” In an era of gross income and power divides, this reclamation must go hand-in-hand with a process of psychic and interpersonal decolonization, where the received hierarchical roles and leadership practices we have inherited are disrupted and thrown into question. Beginning with Paulo Freire’s ideas on revolutionary leadership, and continuing to the principles and practices emerging in the OCCUPY movement, the author focuses on the consensus process and on horizontalism (horizontalidad). To aid in the radical transformation of the structures of oppression, counselors and other dialogically-skilled individuals are needed to help facilitate shared leadership, inclusive dialogue, conflict transformation, and consensus decision-making.


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Watkins, M. (2012). Revolutionary Leadership: From Paulo Freire to the Occupy Movement. Journal for Social Action in Counseling & Psychology, 4(2), 1–22.

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