Book Reviews


  • Archie P. McDonald Stephen F. Austin State University
  • Joseph L. Arbena Clemson University
  • Joe P. Dunn Converse College
  • Elizabeth J. Wilcoxson Northern Essex Community College
  • Lawrence S. Rines Quincy Junior College
  • Raymond G. Hebert Thomas More College
  • Delno C. West Northern Arizona University
  • Lawrence S. Rines Quincy Junior College
  • Marsha L. Frey Kansas State University
  • Benjamin F. Taggie Central Michigan University
  • Robert B. Luehrs Fort Hays State University
  • Lee Feigon Colby College
  • Richard L. Means Mountain View College



Herbert Butterfield. The Origins of History. New York: Basic Books, 1981. Pp. 252. Cloth, $20.00. Review by Richard L. Means of Mountain View College.

David Bruce, Peter Hill, and Margaret Williams. Inquiry into Asia: A New Approach to Asian Studies. Exeter, New Hampshire: Heinemann Educational Books, Inc., 1981. Pp. vii, 96. Paper, $8.00. Review by Lee Feigon of Colby College.

Brian Catchpole. The Clash of Cultures: Aspects of Culture Conflict from Roman Times to the Present Day. London: Heinemann Educational Books, 1981. Pp. viii, 184. Paper, $10.00. Review by Robert B. Luehrs of Fort Hays State University.

Joseph R. Strayer. Western Europe in the Middle Ages: A Short History. Third Edition. Glenview, Illinois: Scott, Foresman, and Co., 1982. Pp. viii, 207. Paper, $10.95. Review by Benjamin F. Taggie of Central Michigan University.

Fernand Braudel. On History. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1980. Pp. ix, 226. Paper, $6.50. Review by Marsha L. Frey of Kansas State University.

Roy Sturgess. The Rural Revolution in an English Village. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1981. Pp. 48. Paper, $3.95. Review by Lawrence S. Rines of Quincy Junior College.

Charles Ross. Richard III. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1981. Pp. 1iii, 265. Cloth, $24.50. Review by Delno C. West of Northern Arizona University.

John Brewer. Party Ideology and Popular Politics at the Accession of George III. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1981. Pp. ix, 382. Paper, $19.95. Review by Raymond G. Herbert of Thomas More College.

Ronald Gray. Hitler and the Germans. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1981. Pp. 32. Paper, $3.95. Review by Lawrence S. Rines of Quincy Junior College.

Peter J. Mooney. The Soviet Superpower: The Soviet Union, 1945-1980. London and Exeter: Heinemann Educational Books, 1982. Pp. vii, 210. Paper, $10.00. Review by Elizabeth J. Wilcoxson of Northern Essex Community College.

Philip L. Groisser. The United States and the Middle East. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1982. Pp. xii, 274. Cloth, $29.50; Paper, $7.95. Review by Joe P. Dunn of Converse College.

David G. Sweet and Gary B. Nash, eds. Struggle and Survival in Colonial America. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1981. Pp. 398. Cloth, $28.50. Review by Joseph L. Arbena of Clemson University.

Bruce Collins. The Origins of America's Civil War. New York: Holmes & Meier Publishers, Inc., 1981. Pp. 169. Paper, $13.50. Review by Archie P. McDonald of Stephen F. Austin State University.


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