About the Journal

Research-to-Practice Articles
Journal of Special Education Preparation (JOSEP) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that features research-to-practice information and materials for special education faculty in higher education settings. JOSEP brings its readers the latest on evidence-based instructional strategies, technologies, procedures, and techniques to prepare special education teachers and leaders. The focus of its practical content is on immediate application.

The purpose of JOSEP is to advance the professional development of special education faculty to provide information, resources, and tools for improving education and experiences for preservice special education teachers. Consistent with this purpose, we publish articles that share innovative and successful methods and materials based on current evidence-based practice for use in a wide variety of higher education programs and settings.

International Spotlight 
JOSEP is also interested in publishing articles that highlight special education preparation practices from around the globe. The International Spotlight is tailored for article contributions that discuss country specific special education preparation policies and practices. International Spotlight submissions will need to provide readers with country specific context and laws before discussing current issues pertaining to special education and teacher preparation in that country/region. International Spotlight submissions may outline interesting local initiatives that can generalize to historical, social, and global trends.