• The JOSEP team is growing!


    We would like to welcome three editorial assistants to the JOSEP team! 

    Jordan Lukins, Ph.D., is an Assistant Teaching Professor of Elementary and Special Education at North Carolina State University. Her teaching and scholarly focus is on bridging the gap between general education and special education with the goal of promoting inclusive learning environments in both school and community settings.

    Kelly Alves, Ed.D is an Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Mount Olive in North Carolina. She teaches special education courses and serves as the Director of Alternative Teacher Licensure. She is actively involved with the Council for Exceptional Children and currently serves as the President-Elect for the North Carolina unit. 

    Jamie Smith Levitan, is a Ph.D. student and research assistant at the University of Maryland. She has taught college-level writing courses and was an English teacher for 20 years. Jamie brings extensive editorial experience to the team. 

    We are excited to welcome their expertise and service to JOSEP as we continue to bridge the research-to-practice gap and improve the professional development of special education faculty!

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  • Advanced Online Publication


    Hello JOSEP readers!

    The editorial team is excited to announce that our system now supports "Advanced Online Publications." This means our open submission articles will be published in a more timely manner. Throughout the year, publish-ready articles will be available as "online first." Every December, the online first articles will be combined into a final issue for the calendar year. 

    Advanced online publications can be accessed from the home page tab Online First

    Be sure to check out our first advanced publication article titled:

    Success for All: Maximizing Digital Accessibility in Special Education Teacher Preparation Courses through Universal Design for Learning

    We greatly appreciate JOSEP contributing authors and are pleased to publish their valuable work more expeditiously for the benefit of you and the field of special education teacher preparation. 


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  • Welcome Dr. Naima Bhana Lopez


    We are pleased to announce that Dr. Naima Bhana Lopez is joining our team as an associate editor. Naima (she/her/ella) is an assistant professor of special education and board certified behavior analyst doctoral (BCBA-D) at Niagara University in Lewiston, NY. Her scholarship is focused on developing methods to increase social-communication opportunities for young children with developmental disabilities by training natural communication partners such as family members, teachers, and paraprofessionals. Her research also seeks to improve the quality of life outcomes of ethnically and racially diverse students, teachers, and families, as well as expanding services for children with disabilities in Spanish-speaking countries.

    Naima received her doctorate in special education from Penn State University and her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Florida State University. She has published and presented at national and international conferences in English and Spanish on the topics of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Diversity and Equity in Special Education, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

    Naima has been an ardent supporter of JOSEP from early on. She has contributed as an outstanding reviewer and is an active member of the Teacher Education Division (TED) of CEC.

    Welcome Naima!

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  • Special Issue on Small Special Education Preparation Programs


    In case you missed it, JOSEP 2(2) published a few weeks ago! Written by faculty at small preparation programs, these articles provide valuable insight and tips for faculty at small special education preparation programs. 

    Small Programs Special Issue

    Also, be sure to check out the International Spotlight on special education teacher preparation in South Korea. 

    Special Education in South Korea

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  • New Issue Published


    The editorial team is pleased to announce a new issue of JOSEP!

    Volume 2, issue 1 is packed with 10 articles! Read From the Editor to get an overview of the issue. We have two helpful articles to explain why you should write and publish in JOSEP and why you should review manuscripts for JOSEP. Then, we have six special issue articles on Technology in Special Education Teacher Preparation. Experts in the field discuss the role of technology and how teacher educators can best incorporate various technologies into practice. Finally, our International Spotlight issue examines information and communication technologies in Angola, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. 

    We hope you enjoy this issue!

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  • Upgrade to the System


    We encountered an unexpected upgrade to our Open Journal System (OJS) this morning. These changes have altered both back-end and front-end formatting. Please bear with us as we work through the changes to restore JOSEP to its sleek and professional design.

    UPDATE: Most changes have been fixed. Users will experience a new-looking dashboard that should be more intuitive. 

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  • Open to Public Submission


    The editorial team at JOSEP is pleased to announce that we are now accepting manuscripts from the general public. You will see that the "submit" tab on the website is live.

    Please read our Author Guidelines prior to submission. 

    When submitting a manuscript, select the "Public Article Submission" section . . . unless you are submitting a manuscript for the "International Spotlight" section. 

    We look forward to reading, reviewing, and publishing wonderful contributions to the special education faculty community. 

    ~JOSEP Editorial Team


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  • Special Issue on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Teacher Preparation


    We are pleased to publish our second issue of JOSEP on diversity, equity, and inclusion in special education teacher preparation! You can access this issue here or from the website under the "current issue" tab.

    Within this issue are five valuable articles that we hope propel special education teacher preparation towards more diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices and settings. 

    In addition, our International Spotlight article identifies contemporary issues impacting the progression of special education in Turkey and offers insight into potential solutions. 

    Be sure to read "From the Editor" to get a more comprehensive overview of this issue and learn about what's next for JOSEP. 

    Enjoy this issue and share with your colleagues!

    The Editorial Team 

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  • TED Conference 2021


    The editorial board would like to thank all TED members for the warm reception of JOSEP at the TED 2021 conference in Fort Worth, Texas. We are very excited to partner with TED to bring special education faculty across the globe a quality medium to disseminate and consume effective teacher preparation practices. 

    Our second issue on diversity, equity, and inclusion in special education teacher preparation is in final proof stages and will publish early December. As we head into the final stretch of fall semester and the joy/chaos of holiday season, be thinking about potential manuscripts because JOSEP will open to public submissions in January 2022!

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  • A New Look!


    The JOSEP website got a little upgade!

    We updated our homepage inforgraphic to capture the essence of our mission:

    We believe that research should drive the design and delivery of special education faculty's coursework and practicum experiences for preservice teachers. With effective and abundant practice opportunities, faculty can ensure that future special education teachers are entering the field profession-ready to enhance the academic and social/emotional outcomes of all students.

    We are currently working hard to bring you the second issue of JOSEP (scheduled for December 2021) on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in special education teacher preparation.

    In the meantime, be sure to download and share with your colleagues our first issue on high-leverage practices.

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  • First Issue of JOSEP published!


    The editorial team at JOSEP is pleased to announce the publication of our first issue. Within this issue, five articles examine the integration of high-leverage practices in special education teacher preparation. The first International Spotlight article focuses on special and inclusive education in Southern Africa. We would like to thank all contributing authors and the board of reviewers for making this inaugural issue a reality. Please check out the issue here.

    A second special issue of JOSEP is in the works and is scheduled for publication in December 2021. The second issue will focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in teacher preparation. We anticipate opening JOSEP up for public submission in January 2022. 

    Please share the first issue of JOSEP with your colleagues!

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  • Inaugural Edition


    High-Leverage Practices in Teacher Preparation 

    The editors at JOSEP's are excited to publish the inaugural edition in Spring/Summer 2021. The first edition is an invited special issue on high-leverage practices (HLPs) in special education teacher preparation. The special issue will focus on how to teach and implement HLPs in university courses and student-teaching experiences. We look forward to creating an open-access journal that has practical implications for university faculty regarding the preparation of special education teachers.

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