Editorial Team

Founder & Editor
Andrew M. Markelz, PhD, is an assistant professor in special education and coordinator of the special education director’s license program at Ball State University. Dr. Markelz is interested in expediting the novice to expert teaching curve through best practices in teacher education. Areas of his research also include special education law, proactive classroom management, behavioral fluency, and programming for generalization. 

Associate Editor of International Spotlight
Argnue Chitiyo, PhD, BCBA, is an assistant professor in Applied Behavior Analysis at Ball State University. He has several years of teaching experience in the USA and Zimbabwe. His areas of research interests include evidence-based practices for children with special educational needs and autism. He also has a broad interest in the research and development of special education in Sub Saharan Africa.  

Associate Editors
Benjamin S. Riden, PhD, BCBA, LBA, is an assistant professor at James Madison University. His research interests include using the principles of applied behavior analysis to support students with challenging behavior, preparing teachers to effectively manage their classrooms, and single case research design. 

Margaret (Peggy) Weiss, PhD, is an associate professor in special education at George Mason University. Her research interests include co-teaching and effective interventions for students with disabilities at the secondary level. Dr. Weiss also studies eCoaching and teacher identity development in traditional and alternative teacher preparation programs.

Editorial Assistant
Kristin Wikel, M.Ed., is a doctoral student in special education at Ball State University. Ms. Wikel is interested in helping school administrators and classroom teachers understand the unique learning needs of students with chronic health conditions, and physical/mental disabilities. Her research interests include school transition programs for students with chronic illness and bridging the gap between medical professionals and education personnel.  

Review Board
David Bateman - Shippensburg University
Shannon Budin - Buffalo State University
Lauren Cozad - The Pennsylvania State University
Scott Dueker - Ball State University
Margaret Floress - Eastern Illinois University
Andrew Hashey - Buffalo State University
Sara Hooks - Towson University
Muhammed A. Karal - Sinop University, Turkey
Skip Kumm - Elmhurst District, Chicago
Lawrence Maheady - Buffalo State University
Stephanie Morano - University of Virginia
Sarah Nagro - George Mason University
Michael Ndemanu - Ball State University
Kathleen Randolph - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Paul Riccomini - The Pennsylvania State University
Jonte Taylor - The Pennsylvania State University
Sarah Wilkinson - University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Kimberly Zoder-Martell - Ball State University
Joshua Pulos - James Madison University
Kelley Regan - George Mason University
Allen Mathende - Tennessee Tech University