Editorial Team

Founder & Editor
Andrew M. Markelz, PhD, is an associate professor of special education, assistant department chair, and coordinator of the special education director’s license program at Ball State University. Dr. Markelz is interested in expediting the novice to expert teaching curve through best practices in teacher education. Areas of his research also include special education law, proactive classroom management, behavioral fluency, and programming for generalization. 

Associate Editor of International Spotlight
Argnue Chitiyo, PhD, BCBA, is an assistant professor in Applied Behavior Analysis at Ball State University. He has several years of teaching experience in the USA and Zimbabwe. His areas of research interests include evidence-based practices for children with special educational needs and autism. He also has a broad interest in the research and development of special education in Sub Saharan Africa.  

Associate Editors
Benjamin S. Riden, PhD, BCBA, LBA, is an assistant professor at James Madison University. His research interests include using the principles of applied behavior analysis to support students with challenging behavior, preparing teachers to effectively manage their classrooms, and single case research design. 

Margaret (Peggy) Weiss, PhD, is an associate professor in special education at George Mason University. Her research interests include co-teaching and effective interventions for students with disabilities at the secondary level. Dr. Weiss also studies eCoaching and teacher identity development in traditional and alternative teacher preparation programs.

Naima Bhana Lopez, PhD, BCBA-D, is an assistant professor of special education at Niagara University. Her scholarship is focused on developing methods to increase social-communication opportunities for young children with developmental disabilities by training natural communication partners such as family members, teachers, and paraprofessionals. Her research also seeks to improve the quality of life outcomes of ethnically and racially diverse students, teachers, and families, as well as expanding services for children with disabilities in Spanish-speaking countries.

Editorial Assistants
Kelly Alves - University of Mount Olive
Jordan Lukins - North Carolina State University
Jamie Smith Levitan - University of Maryland

Community Outreach Team
Wendy Gonzales - Northeastern Illinois University
Ashton Fisher - Vanderbilt University
Dani Lane - Western Oregon University
Giorgianna Sorrentino - J.P. Case Middle School, NJ
Danielle Waterfield - University of Virginia

Review Board
Kat Alves - Longwood University
David Bateman - American Institutes for Research
Shannon Budin - Buffalo State University
Alice Cahill - University of Nebraska Kearney
Megan Cartier - Syracuse University
Mina Chun - California Lutheran University
Kyena Cornelius - University of Florida
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Caitlin Criss - Georgia Southern University
Brittany Dale - Ball State University
Nicci Dowd - Marymount University
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Lindsay Greindling - University of Virginia
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