The Integration of Information Communication Technology in Education: A Review of Policies and Practices in Angola, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.


  • Allen Mathende Tennessee Technological University
  • Jason Beach Tennessee Technological University



Digitalization, ICT, education policy, Southern Africa


The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in education has expanded significantly worldwide. Many countries develop Educational ICT policies to promote national agendas for economic, social, and political growth. The implementation of ICT in education is designed to prepare students to assimilate into the global market, attain equal access to education, and to be technologically prepared citizens. Many African governments are therefore developing ICT policies to expand integration of ICTs in primary and secondary education. However, successful integration of ICTs requires concerted efforts across stakeholders, as well as consistency in policy implementation and evaluation. Although several Southern African countries have ICT policy blueprints for education, not much is known about the implementation of the policies on the ground. This study reviews educational ICT policy implementation, successes, and challenges in three Southern African countries: Angola, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.






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