Racial and Dis/Ability Equity-Oriented Educational Leadership Preparation


  • Catherine Voulgarides City University of New York (CUNY)--Hunter College
  • Susan Etscheidt
  • David Hernández-Saca




education policy, equity, leadership preparation, critical perspectives, disability policy


In this paper we discuss the connection between the lack of special education specific preparation for leaders and decades of evidence of racial inequities in special education. In doing so, we have a four-fold purpose. First, we outline the basic IDEA legal requirements that educational leadership preparation programs should provide prospective leaders. Second, we argue that educational leaders must develop a nuanced lens when engaging with the IDEA, informed by critical special and dis/Ability studies. Three, we provide a situated critique rooted in current IDEA racial equity monitoring to show how technical mandates are insufficient for assuring justice and equity on the ground level. And fourth, we propose three key components that should be added to special education leadership preparation programs in order to better prepare future administrators to achieve the goals of IDEA and reduce racial and dis/Ability disparities. We conclude it is imperative for future leaders to be equipped with the necessary IDEA legal literacy and critical dispositions so that educational equity and justice are possible for Black, Indigenous Youth of Color (BIYOC) with and without dis/Abilities in schools.





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Voulgarides, C., Etscheidt, S., & Hernández-Saca, D. (2022). Racial and Dis/Ability Equity-Oriented Educational Leadership Preparation. Journal of Special Education Preparation, 2(3), 20–30. https://doi.org/10.33043/JOSEP.2.3.20-30



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